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Skirting the Bottoms
Vacationing in Imtal

Beware Fraddylwicke and the Bottoms All Ye Who Travel in Great Kingdom

Woodland Stream 2

Most terrifying of all was the days and nights spent in the Bottoms. Thank our lucky stars to find a castle and the Lord of Fraddylwicke a most gracious host. The Lady of Fraddylwicke declared a day of feasting when we arrived and we dined and danced into the long hours of the night. We awoke the next morning, groggy with the remnants of wine and spirit, to find most of our horses and wagons missing.
The Lord and Lady of Fraddylwicke were ill of use in the search for our gear. We left Fraddylwicke in ill-spirits and the more of our company went missing soon afterward. Please the Great Father though it may, we can only hope to reach the plains beyond soon.